5 Steps To Make Travelling Easy

My holiday this year is in June. We are going to explore some beautiful islands in the Philippines. We have pre-booked our tickets back in January but slowly booked other itineraries after. We will be travelling with my high school friends back home so this is a reunion trip!

My travel worry is what to bring on this holiday, I cannot travel light – I’m a woman after all. Even though I narrow everything down to the absolute necessity I would still end up having the kitchen in my luggage, rhetorically.

So here are some steps I’ve tried to help me plan and arrange my upcoming travel. They aren’t foolproof but they helped.

1. Book your hotel/hostel first – this will get you going. As you’ve already splashed out some cash for accommodation your next step now is number 2.

2. Book your flights and transfers – I used skypicker.com for all our domestic flights in Philippines. I used singaporeair.com for our long haul flight LHR-DVO.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 22_Fotor Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 22_Fotor_0
3. Bring minimal items especially if your connecting flights have luggage restrictions – I plan to pack my camera, toiletries, a few pairs of swimsuits, sun dress and towel in my hand luggage. All electrical items would go inside my hand luggage too. I’m ditching the laptop and will maybe bring a tablet instead, 1 travel phone, sunglasses and a hat. I won’t bother with things that you can buy from the supermarket over there, I’m not even going to bring extra flip-flops.

4. Pay for extra luggage together with your ticket booking – we have gone for this option. Mainly because I cannot pack light, I would probably insist to bring my own pillow – haha! The other reason is that it is more expensive to pay for the excess in the airport. Better pay early or your pocket will be sorry. Below is an example how expensive it is to pay at the airport for excess baggage.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 07_Fotor
5. Print off every booking, make several copies – always do this. Print several copies and put copies in each of your bags. You won’t always have wifi to access your email so this is a traditional and safe way to make sure you can stay in your pre-booked accommodation.

This is it so far. I have not done any physical packing yet. It’s still all in my head, this post will surely be updated! Ciao! x

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