Hiya! I’m Flo, 20 something, foodie, engineering student, bookworm, and coffee-cionado.

Born in the Philippines currently living in England, putting up with the rain and loving the great outdoors. I’m a keen cook and often creates my own recipes which I always share to friends. My dad often calls my food “pacham” from the Filipino word patsamba meaning “just got lucky” as I am more adhoc in creating them.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a bookworm from the age of nine. Reading my first book written by Enid Blyton, to immersing myself in the wonderful world of  witchcraft and wizardry at Hogwarts by J.K. Rowling. Reading has always been my escape,  enjoying a hot summers day underneath a tree reading a good book and sipping iced tea. I now have serious weakness for soppy romance both classic and modern, often spellbound and  tucked away in a cafe corner.

My greatest escape would be to go for quiet walks on dirt roads in this precious country I live in – Devon. Dartmoor has become a favourite, frequented on sunny or gloomy days. The hilly Quantocks trails in Exmoor provides a constant challenge, packing a picnic lunch, accompanied by my fiancee, a good book, game of UNO and our camera – always a great day out. The beaches north and south provides peaceful and calming sound that we always welcome and enjoy.

This space will be fronting my rants, life, goals, trials, silliness, book reviews, travel, amateur photographs and much much more random stuff. My vision is to share joy, laughter and positivity to everyone reading my  page. So bear with me and enjoy the ride!

“To live is to laugh with your friends and family everyday.”