PMVC… my experience so far

This season I had to join another club to play National League volleyball. Having played against the PMVC girls for a long time, it was quite awkward at first – or so I thought anyway. A few training sessions after we bonded and got more comfortable with each other on and off court. The team coach decided we travel to Cardiff to play in a pre-season open tournament to build our confidence as a team and to play against other teams that we may encounter in the up-coming season.

We won that tournament unexpectedly, we thought we only came second due to a few loses to other teams near the end. However, when we were called as winners we were so elated it’s showing through our smiles and joy. Here’s the trophy!


The season started, we were undefeated and we have not dropped a set in the first half of the season. We had a few mentions in the local paper noting our performances and highlights including comments from our coach. It was going great until…


…the second half of the season started. We faced our arch rival Academy of Beach Sports and we were beaten by their strong serves and tactical plays. It was a very close game with really great rallies. However, on our next few matches we soldiered through, we built our confidence again as a team. We go to training looking forward to the next time we see Beach Academy again.

So far we are second in the league.

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