How To Not Overspend If You’re On A Tight Budget

I often have this problem and I do not like being overdrawn, if I can help it. So, here’s my 7-step guide to not overspend. I have been following these steps for the last couple of months. They really helped me with my spending especially on cosmetics.

1. Do not shop ONLINE. Not only have you saved yourself from the waiting torture you also saved your bank account from drying out. Those virtual baskets are vicious.

2. Plan ahead. Make a list of products you WANT to try and identify which of these you NEED, i.e. You ran out of eye cream and on your list is a new eye cream you want to try, add it to your shopping list.

3. Do some online research. Some products are labelled in a different way but works exactly the same.

4. Bring CASH leave your Credit/Debit Cards at home. This way you can avoid those temptations.

5. Look out for genuine offers. I say genuine because sometimes offers aren’t really money saving. For example 3 for 2 offers always have the cheapest free. This means it will only work with 3 products with the same price, i.e. Wool Pads £1.69 each by buying 3 of these you will save the exact amount for one pack of Wool Pads. BOGOF offers are great but would you really need 2 lots of the product you want?

6. Use coupons and use them wisely. Always do the maths first when using coupons. If you have troubles doing the numbers in your head, bring a calculator or use the one in your phone.

7. Set a time limit for your shopping. Don’t stay at a store for far too long.

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