Easter 2016 – What I did and didn’t do!

Spring bank holiday! A 4-day weekend where we had some sunshine and constant downpour – Friday had the best weather and that was the highlight of my long weekend. Have a read below.

As a norm for me, I would plan to do something a week before the bank holiday. I would think about places to see, people to visit and also random things to do. When the weatherman dropped you the bombshell that a storm is coming our way and you would only have a day of sunshine out of the 4 what would you do? Me, I forget about planning and just look forward to 4 days I can laze around the house.

New ideas then came to mind, what can I do to organise my studio. What can I do to make my studying area better. What needs to be done in the house. I formulated ideas after ideas in my head and guess what… hasn’t done anything about them. Talk about procrastination and try to avoid them. Jokes on me right?

In the end I decided to find things I could sell, it is Spring time after-all and as the saying goes “Out with the old, in with the new.” I found an old camera I could probably make a few quid with. A computer monitor which is only 3 months old and only used 5 times. I am also thinking about selling my computer and getting a new more powerful one (you’ll know which down below…keep reading).

On to doing something out of the house, we decided Friday we would go for a walk around Exeter to catch a bit of the sunshine we’ve been blessed with this holy week. We ended up parking our bottoms at Ruby in Queen Street. Ruby must have opened early last year or late the year before (I’m sorry if I’m wrong) but we haven’t tried any of their burgers yet. So off we go in to Ruby, nice atmosphere, american diner vibe, they have a dine in and self service area- we opted for the latter, they have a wide selection of drinks and serves really creamy milkshakes.

For Ruby’s menu see here: http://rubyburgers.com/menu/ 

I didn’t take a photo of our table this time (I’m sorry) as I wasn’t planning on writing about it here. However, after thinking about burgers these last few days – I caved in. We ordered Notorious P.I.G with sweet potato fries and vanilla milkshake for me and Smokey Joe with sweet potato and orange juice. The burgers were served in enamel plates, fries in a basket lined with parchment paper, milkshake in a tall american ice cream glass, orange juice in tall glass with ice.

We dug in and oh the pulled pork (Notorious P.I.G) is so juicy and delicious. The bun was toasted inside so it was warm also. I couldn’t eat it naturally with my fingers so I opted for knife and fork – lame I know.

It was a lovely lunch followed by a bit of window shopping in town. We went to the Apple store to see and try some of their new products  or maybe not so new anymore. I was more interested in the Macbook Pro 13″, I already read about the specs online but I still chose to flag one of the “geniuses” to come assist me in choosing, show me which ones the best and all. Haha.

More browsing in Zara, Fatface, New Look, Schuh, Next and finally John Lewis. I did not buy anything – SUCCESS! My favourite oriental store is behind John Lewis in Exeter, we went there before returning to the car. I bought a 10kg bag of rice and my favourite red bean wife cakes. Then we went home.

I soaked up some sun, did my health steps of the day, eaten delicious lunch and bought some essentials. All in all a good day!

The next two days were spent lazing around the house, watching movies and reading. Very uneventful due to the heavy downpour outside. Tell me about yours. Leave a comment below or email me through my contact page. Hope you’ve had a great Easter.


P.S. We drove away from the storm on Monday and found ourselves in Cheddar not the cheese. That’s another story though. 😉

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