European Mobile Phone Roaming Charges Cut

Good news for us wanderlusts! Today marked a new beginning, say goodbye to surprise roaming charges which stung many travellers before. The European campaigners have succeeded to getting a lower tariff for using mobile phones within Europe. Now you can stay connected with your family and friends through calls, texts and social media using mobile data. Although not entirely free, at least it will no longer be astronomical than it was before.

The BBC reported figures below;

EU roaming charges from 30 April 2016
Service Previous maximum charge (approx) New maximum charge (approx)
Outgoing phone calls 16.5p 4p
Incoming call 4p 1p
Data download 17.4p 4p
Text 5p 2p
source: EE/Vodafone/ O2

Chart Ref:

Comparing previous charges to the new one, you can really see a massive difference. However, some networks like EE and 3(Three) confirmed that most of their customers will not see these changes due to their pay packages covering European roaming already. O2 confirmed that they will be following the tariff and that their customers will see immediate reductions.

There’s no certainty if the UK will be able to keep these new roaming charges should it leave the EU. Although many believe that we would be able to keep these new charges even though we are outside of the EU. Oh well, that’s for us to worry about when the time comes right?

Now all we need are Ryanair and EasyJet flying to/from more airports than they currently do! Happy travels!


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