Book Turned into Movie 2016: Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fallen, I read this book back in 2012 and fell in love with Daniel one-half of the protagonists of this story. The other half is Lucinda (Luce), 17 year old girl who was sent to “Swords & Cross” reform school since she was blamed for the death of a boy called Trevor. Not clearly remembering what happened she professes her innocence which angered a few of her peers. The book mentioned that Trevor was killed due to a fire incident with his girlfriend Luce.

The day Luce arrived at Sword & Cross she met, Todd, Gabbe and Cam. All have differently personality and identity. Todd is a nervous young boy, Gabbe looks like a model from a well known cosmetic company and Cam is an attractive looking boy who has been enrolled to Sword & Cross before. Luce has taken a liking with Arriane after she showed her around the school. However, she notices that Arriane is quite guarded and doesn’t like talking about her past. They then made an agreement not to ask about each others past.

The first time Luce sees Daniel was when she was waiting around outside the classroom with Arriane. Luce noticed a handsome young boy who she could not help but stare at. She was feeling nervous and panicked which she does not understand and feels an overwhelming feeling that she knows him from somewhere but could not point it out. Arriane told Luce the boy’s name is Daniel Grigori.

There are several characters in this book, all got introduce and somehow became related to Luce. The significant characters for now are Luce, Daniel and Cam. However, the author made perfectly clear who will be more significant throughout the series aside from the main three characters I mentioned.

It had a very slow start, almost at a crawling pace. Most people would probably have put the book down by chapter 5 or before it. However, I persevered for the sake of Luce and team Daniel. There I said it I am team Daniel. I was also drawn to the whole picture than just the main protagonists, the back story of having a thousand year love story with someone you can never ever be with because once they discovered your past they die, that’s something else.

Okay so there’s a huge comparison between this book and Twilight. I can see why because both are in a high school setting, love triangle and supernatural. If I have to choose between the two I would choose Twilight because of a strong narrative and pace. The characters too are well rounded in Twilight and got introduced in a planned sequence.

Now that they are releasing a box office adaptation of the book. I am a little nervous, I hope that it will surpass my expectation and that the trailer did not reveal so much and left no good parts of the movie for us to see on release day (this happened in a lot of movies lately). Allegedly, the movie should hit cinemas by Fall 2016. So far there is no release date set for the film.

I give lot of credit to the casting crew of this movie. They have picked a solid good looking cast and all seems to fit their intended characters.

Lucinda Price – Addison Timlin


Daniel Grigori – Jeremy Irvine


Cameron Biel – Harrison Gilbertson


Arriane Alter – Daisy Head


Gabbe Givens – Hermoine Corfield

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 01: Hermione Corfield attends the European premiere of "Pride And Prejudice And Zombies" at Vue West End on February 1, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Safe to say I am looking forward to this movie and I hope it is a spectacular one!

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