Heatwave! What to DO when you’re stuck in the office?

Waking up to sunshine, falling asleep to sunshine. What more can these endless days of summer do to us. Oh, yeah! A heatwave. When you’re in the northern hemisphere 28ºC is considered HOT, too hot actually. Then, if you have days with this temperature well you guessed right – heatwave.

Being stuck at work on a Tuesday and it’s boiling outside what do you do. Well, one thing is obvious you carry on working. Even though your body doesn’t feel like doing it you must keep going. Keeping yourself hydrated, I am talking water rather than coffee or tea. If you have the means, I certainly don’t, to have iced tea – even better.

Some offices have the luxury of a garden or an outside sitting area, cheekily ask your manager if you guys can work outside for the day. There’s absolutely no harm in asking. Turn the aircon on, but remember to turn it off an hour before going home and opening some windows to let the air inside circulate.

Lastly, look forward to a cold shower when you get home. Get yourself refreshed and enjoy the last few hours of sunshine. I have listed some products below to help you cool down.

  1. Body Shop Sorbets – Comes in different “flavours” but I love the Pink Grapefruit. It’s soothing and refreshing scent is gentle to the nose and gives you a clean aroma. I love it!Sorbet
  2. Cooling Wipes – Any cooling wipes will do. I don’t have a particular brand that I use regularly. They’re amazing on the go, can help remove make up and most importantly it cools you down.CoolingWipes
  3. Water – Normal water helps you from serious consequences on a hot day.

Have fun in the sun while it lasts. Look forward to a cooler tomorrow, if you had enough of it already. 😉


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