How is Spotify Just Simply Better?

I have been a Spotify user since I was in college. Listening to online streams as I could not afford the subscription. Then finally I earned some money and can spare £10 a month for my unlimited streaming on the app and other devices, needless-to-say I was very content. My love of independent musicians and song covers fuelled my 5-year subscription to the service.

What’s not surprising though is that Apple is following on Spotify’s footsteps and now one of their biggest competitors. Apple Music is now available for the same price per month (£9.99), giving you stream access to the entire Apple Music Library. They also have a 24hr-radio station with the renowned former BBC DJ Zane Lowe. Apple Music secured exclusive contracts with various artists like Taylor Swift and also offers a 3-month trial to start off their service to you which is enticing than the 30-day free trial offered by Spotify and others. Apple Music recently launched on Android devices, appearing to more users than ever. We’ll just have to wait and see how this new venture will pan out for them.

Spotify even though they have been around for quite a long time is still not a profitable company, which makes them appear to me also – I am not alone on being a small fish in a big pond. Now, Spotify has more than 30 million songs in their streaming catalogue and adds 20,000 new songs every day making them the most dominant streaming service to date. Way to go, Spotify!

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Spotify’s “Discovery Weekly” makes this streaming service ahead of competitors. Updated weekly every Monday, you’ll get easy access to many new releases available for streaming. Having their own “Charts” playlist also is a bonus, you can enjoy 3 chart listings (Top 50 Global, Top 50 UK and Viral 50 UK) with ease. Global and UK Top 50 charts are relatively the same but Viral offers more variety, always worth a listen.

The endless playlists people compose and shared within the app is very good for whatever you need; hosting house parties, going for a run, working out in the gym, cleaning the house, studying, etc – you name your mood you can find it.

Good news for students too, Spotify offers a reduced rate for students at £4.99 per month on Premium subscription. Their latest subscription promo is Spotify Family, up to 6 premium users for £14.99 a month. For value, Spotify is still better than everyone else.

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