Updated: Is My Chemical Romance coming back? NO!

Following the recent activity on Twitter. MCR released a statement stating, “Thank you so much for the love.” Together with a statement shedding light to the recent mysterious post. And here it is;

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A lot of fans on various social media reacted with dismay and a lot were also frustrated. Even though the band did announce that they are going on their separate ways a few years back, we, the fans did hope that they will eventually reunite. One can only hope with these things.

Well, now that we know the truth behind the post, all we can do once again is move on from a heartbreak. I was frustrated, it felt like hoping for something you know won’t happen but you do anyway.

Keep rockin’ my fellow emos!

Original Post: 

MCR had been active on Twitter recently and they have piqued the interest of many fans! The tweet was retweeted by more than 80,000 times and liked by 100K+ Twitter users. Oh, how I miss you guys!


This fan right here would love to know some answers very soon! Come on, stop teasing us. You can’t just keep our hopes up and not follow through with a shocker of an announcement… that you may be coming back. Oh, how we wish it is the case.


At the end of the video the date of 09/23/16 appears! What does this all mean? All I can say is, we need more. All my pent up aggresions from my adolescence just resurfaced. My thick black eyeliners are now begging to come out once again and be worn. I will be playing my chosen “MCR Greatest Hits” on the way to work tomorrow. What have you done to me? What have you done to us.

Please let this be good news!

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