King of Campus by Jennifer Sucevic

I wanted to like this book so much but it was so predictable.

Ivy is likeable enough but something is just lacking from her persona. There was a time that I found her irritating; stringing someone along and being immature towards her dad’s situation.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

Ivy move back to Barnett from spending 15 months in Paris. She’s double majoring in Dance and Finance. Her true passion is dancing, finance is just a back up plan. Her first day back she spilled her coffee to the most gorgeous and popular guy on campus. To her mortification they’re in the same class together and ending up pairing up for a big class project… which by the way we didn’t get to find out what happened.

Roan King, star wide receiver for the Bulldogs. He’s used to girls falling on his feet, offering themselves to him in a silver platter. Over confident but not dumb jock and actually a straight A student.

Ivy and Roan ended up being neighbours, they have mutual friends and constantly bumping into each other. They became friends and developed to something more. They both found a confidant in the other. However, there are still obstacles along the way…

Overall, it was easy enough to read. The last quarter of the book made up for an okay start. I would still recommend this to everyone who wants to just get back to reading NA.

Happy reading! 🙂

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