Losing Weight with the Boyfriend

The boyfriend and I thought that we should get our arses out the sofa and do some exercises to lose weight before our holiday in June. Since we still have more than 90 days to do so, there would still be results if we started doing something now. So we made a pact to exercise everyday from Monday 07/03, hitting the gym or going for a run or cycle at least an hour a day.

This is going to be hard because the days still aren’t that long and it is still cold outside. However, I signed up for a gym membership in October to do some cardio twice a week – so I think I’m just gonna do all my exercising inside the gym and leave the boyfriend to his nature runs and road cycling.

2016-03-06 08.58.17So here I am now… I’m aiming to lose a few pounds. Get my belly looking all right rather than just flab.

To go with exercising, we have to eat healthier also for better results in a short period. So, you will see healthy recipes posted on here!

Thanks for reading guys and good luck to me!

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