Meatfest BBQ on a Windy Day

We decided to have a BBQ on a Sunday. The windiest day of the week with slightly wet charcoal and no petrol fluid to help it light up. As you can imagine, disaster is brewing. It didn’t quite end that way, we survived gale force winds and after so many burnt paper and cardboard it was lit! We are on our way to a BBQ dinner.


What was on the Menu;

Sirloin Steak Marinated in Paprika and Cumin


Mozzarella Stuffed Burgers 


Chinese Marinated Pork Shoulder Steaks

I did a massive clear out of our freezer to make way for some new goodies, healthier this time. I am a person who loves food and chucking them away is a cardinal sin – so I decided to thaw all the meat needed and have a BBQ for 2! We are big eaters, we can’t help it. Burp! Pardon me.

I didn’t manage to take photo of the pork steaks as I was busy devouring my plate. I will put all recipes here in a few days. 🙂

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