Movie Marathon Sunday – Vol.1

What do you do on a cloudy Sunday? Movie Marathon! I stayed in, made a hot chocolate, snuggled in the sofa then picked 4 movies to watch whilst doing an assignment – perfecto! I decided to mix it up and choose movies from different genres not just that, went and pick a Norwegian film too. I think I chose well today, there have been some interesting ones, one I just got bored and did more of my assignment than give it attention which is good I suppose. Good for me not being humiliated by my lecturer tomorrow.  Here are the movies and my thoughts…


The Lucky One – Directed by Scott Hicks with lead actor Zac Efron. Not just being a Nicholas Sparks movie I picked to watch this movie because it featured a young veteran of the world’s current war in the middle east. It shows how it affect families, the horror of PTSD and how love can conquer all. Logan Thibault, 25 year old marine sergeant who recently returned from 3 tours in Iraq. He’s seen enough violence and suffered wounds physically and emotionally. During his tour he found a photograph of a woman which somehow kept him safe from an on-coming blast. He tried to find the owner of the photograph but sadly did not succeed. When he returned home he decided he needs to find himself again and to find the woman who became his guardian angel… Beth Greene.

A must watch movie with great acting and love story. Who would not love Nicholas Sparks with Zac in it? I will not be rating this one as I have not watched it again. I don’t think you can rate a Sparks adaptation with only one sitting. 😉

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Gods of Egypt – Directed by Alex Proyas with Nicolaj Coster-Waldau, Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush and so much more a-list hollywooders. However, the main driver of this film is Brenton Thwaites and Courtney Eaton. The gods live among the blessed human civilization of Egypt. The god Ra sent his children, brothers Set (Gerard Butler)  and Osiris (Bryan Brown) to look after his creation. Set was tasked to look after the desert and Osiris the fertile lands by the banks of the Nile. Set planned his revenge throughout his time in the desert, he created himself an army to cause havoc in the whole of Egypt. He started by killing Osiris and removing Horus’ (Nicolai C-W) eyes after his defeat in one-on-one combat. Then it was down to mortal Beck and his wife Zaya to help the god Horus restore the once thriving civilisation of Egypt.

I like this movie but Horus is a little childish and a mortal withstanding godly powers is unbelievable. He’s not even a demi-god but aside from that I enjoyed the film. Be warned father god Ra in this movie is not as fantastic as he sounded in those ancient scrolls, this movie had taken him down a notch in the awesome meter. 😛

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Concussion – Directed by Peter Landesman starring Will Smith as Dr Bennet Omalu and his many accolades. This film shows the danger of repeated blows to the head during contact sport such as American Football. When Mike Webster died and ended up in Dr. Omalu’s pathology table he found no signs of illness in his initial autopsy. He then decided to open Webster’s brain and examine it out of his own money. Once his findings were published the game saw it as a downfall and a possibly the end of football. However, Dr Omalu see it as an awakening for the sport and encourages everyone to support him tackle this plague. Eventually the game recognised his efforts and a congressional inquiry made the NFL revisit their rules and regulations towards concussion.

Solid 4 stars to Will Smith on this movie. I would love a bit more scientific presentations of his findings rather than just a show of publication. Acting delivery is very good stages of his study is the movie’s focus. I will watch it again.

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Ragnarok: The Viking Apocalypse (Gåten Ragnarok) – Directed by Mikkel Brænne Sandemose that looks at the journey of a viking queen Åsa 1000 years ago. Archeologist Sigurd Svendsen (Pål Sverre Hagen) and his late wife found the queen’s boat which contains most of her belongings. His quest in finding out the Viking routes took him to a lake called the Eye of Odin to where an ancient creature resides in the depths of the lake. This said creature’s meal is shockingly humans therefore they must find their way out through zip-lining above part of the lake and swimming, running and giving up the creature’s baby. With his kids with him, his mate Allan and a woman called Elisabeth they now must find a way out.

This film reminds me of Anaconda and the Loch Ness monster. I am a little puzzled they have not named the creature, or is it Ragnarok? If you decide to watch this film get ready for reading subtitles as this is in Norwegian. What made me watch this? I am fascinated by the Norse mythology and archeology so I thought I’d give it a go. I’d give it 2 stars, I didn’t see originality here. By the way, do not take your kids to an archeological expedition when you don’t know what you’re up against plus if you don’t really know your hired driver.

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Immortals – Directed by Tarsem Singh with Henry Cavill as Theseus. I don’t know where this fell on Greek Mythology to be honest. I am really puzzled with this movie. Anyway, we follow the adventure of a young bastard who was trained by Zeus disguised as an “old man”. The oracle see Theseus siding with Hyperion (king of the masked men who wants to unleash the titans using a bow called Epirus) and the end of mankind. The Epirus bow is unearthed by Theseus inside his village temple and was stolen from him during his quest to Mount Tartarus. The movie had a battle (surprise, surprise) by the remaining greek army and Hyperion’s men, battle by the gods and Titans and a one-on-one match by Hyperion and Theseus.

And the battle is still on-going up in the sky, literally they float and fight in the sky. Can I ask, why is earth so dark (imagery) and its waters full of tar? Who’s the lighting and scene producers? Who is responsible? They should have fixed this problem before releasing the movie then maybe this movie could have gotten at least 3 stars from me.

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That summed up my day and I finished my assignment too. Have a great week! 🙂

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