Post Match Aches and Pains

It was a gruelling match against the the top of the league Academy of Beach Sports yesterday. I am still aching now. So we know why you ache after a rigorous physical activity. Now, we need to find a way to reduce recovery time.

  1. Ice Bath – it’s very cruel to put your body through this but it really does help.
  2. Salts – I just eat salty crisps and cashew nuts or I drink salty-orange squash (2tsp salt, 1L diluted squash).
  3. Milk – I find that if I drink milk after any work out, I feel less achy the next day.
  4. Stretch – stretching is vital. You have to at least stretch your muscle twice a day.
  5. Recovery Smoothie  Look-up recipes for smoothie that improve your recovery. My trusted smoothie is called “Green It Always”.
  6. Lots of water – keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Make sure you drink at least 2L of water.
  7. Keep moving – make sure to keep those aching parts of your body moving.
  8. Natural Antioxidants – don’t forget these. These are your body’s best friend. Increase your intake of natural antioxidants when your body is in recovery mode. (Grapes, Berries, Dark Green Veggies)

My matches are normally on Sundays and they are ran in triangulars, we have to play 2 teams in one day. Now in volleyball that means 4 to 5 hours of playing time, were you have to be explosive all the time.

The next day you wake up feeling like you’ve been ran over by a truck. I had enough feeling that way. I researched on recovery, tried a lot of products sold commercially but the list above worked better on me.

Now it might not work for you but there’s no harm in trying them. A lot of recovery drinks have too much chemical you wonder if it will be okay for your body in a long run. I think keeping it healthy and natural should do the trick.

We all have different body types but I hope this will help you with your recovery.

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