The NOT So First Post – What’s Happened!

I have been out for a while due to personal circumstances. I am not a full time blogger nor a-mile-minute talker so I may drop off the grid once in a while.

Life has been kind to me, I had a brilliant holiday back in my homeland – Philippines. My boyfriend is happy with the places we visited and activities that we did. I will talk more and posts photos of our holiday on a separate post. I am still in my holiday bubble, let me imagine that time froze and I am still in paradise.

Sadly, that did not last long at all. I came back to work last week and… Let say it was not one of the best weeks in a long while. There’s too much to do with so little time, I was in constant rush and panic! Horrible! On the up side though, my mentoring group won Best Overall Science Project for the Go4Set program. The students and their teacher were very happy with the result – we had the best-looking project during the Assessment Day plus the students answered all questions thrown at them like the true champions that they are! I am very happy for them, I hope that they learnt valuable knowledge and gained new skills from their experience.

Now, I am to enjoy my summer in sunny-but-also-rainy England! I hope the sunshine today will last all week! Fingers tightly crossed.

(: Ciao x

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