The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

What a slow burn… but oh so good!

Vanessa, 26 graphic design graduate with a hefty debt. Working as Aiden’s personal assistant for 2 years she is now ready to face the world and put her graphic design degree to good use. She left Aiden, her no-nonsense/couldn’t care less/dismissive boss, one day and never looked back. Until one day she found him waiting by her door, armed by a proposal that was oh so hard to resist.

Mixed emotions for this one. The author wanted us readers to suffer for at least 75% of the book.

It made me so frustrated I wanted to put it down. However, she’d written it to make us turn those pages over and to read more and more. Due to its believable story line which flowed beautifully, relatable characters and oh so yummy protagonist who could say no to this book, right?

I have given this book 5 stars because in the end I realised it was actually an easy read and very enjoyable.

I have a Facebook group called The Locker Room to thank for this recommendation. Everyone was raving about this book there. I got really curious, now I have no regrets.

Very well recommended.

Happy reading!

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