Visiting South Hams – Devon, England

We decided to enjoy today’s sunshine by the coast. So, we travelled to South Hams to visit Slapton, Blackpool and Dartmouth.

Our route: Exeter to Newton Abbot (A38), Newton Abbot to Totnes (A381) following the same road to Halwell. Then took the A3122 to Dartmouth, all sign posted so you wouldn’t miss the turning. From Dartmouth we took A379 to Slapton.

On the way, whilst were driving up hill the view on your left was the Dartmouth Marina, spectacular view. I wasn’t able to snap a photo because of the hedges but on little openings you’ll be left in awe. After a few minutes driving passed beautiful farmlands you will find yourself in a coastal road, overlooking the sea. I felt like I was driving around Elba (Italy) again because of twisty-hilly-roads. I loved it! Everywhere I look was just magnificent!

The roads weren’t that busy going there because it is still not warm enough to be basking in the sun. The temperature today only reached a maximum of 14degC but real feel is 9degC.

We parked our car and went for a walk. As soon as we started walking on the beach, I noticed the slates and decided we should do “skimming” (stone skipping). Haha childish I know! When we had enough we decided to walk back to the car but before driving off we visited the WWII Memorial and left a slate (kind of a tradition). Before leaving, we treat ourselves to a flake ice cream each. It was warm enough for that so long as you eat it inside your car. Haha

I recommend bringing picnic lunch if you plan on staying in Slapton Ley for the day. Slapton village is nearby and there’s a cafe at Blackpool Sands but this could be busy in the high season. The advantage of bring your own lunch is that you know what you’re eating, it is what you want, healthier and cheaper. 😉

Slapton Ley 


On the way back to Dartmouth we stopped by a road overlooking Blackpool Sands and snapped a photo of the beach. There were a few people enjoying the sun and kids playing around. There’s a house on the cliff, I am very jealous of their view. Must be scary during the storm but imagine the ocean view on a bright sunny day like today. *sigh*

Blackpool Sands


Finally reaching Dartmouth, first thing we did was to look for the ferry for crossing the bay so we can go back to Exeter via Torbay. There are 2 ferry terminals in Dartmouth, the one we took is called Higher Ferry and it cost us £5.20. There was no ferry when we got there, we then looked at the timetable to know when thenext one will be – shows half an hour. We parked the car and walked around.

Driving towards town centre you drive passed the Britannia Royal Naval College (simply known as Dartmouth according to Wiki). You can see glimpses of the original building built in 1905. Dartmouth is very nautical (suppose expected but still); the buildings, shops and atmosphere. It’s a mixture of old and new, the preserved buildings just gives you an insight to its history.



There are plenty of cafes, chippys and restaurants to choose from in Dartmouth. I think a good fish and chips by the bay should seal your visit. Watch out for the seagulls though. 😉


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    Wow. Floe! Galing neto!

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      Thank you King! 😀 xx

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