While It Lasts by Abbie Glines

The reason for all the #TB posts is that I could not think of the next genre I want to read. There’s so many books I want to read but I am scared that I might not be able to relate to them. Hence, I am choosing safe bets and awesome reads that I can certainly vouch for. One day though, I will have a book to gush about on here. For now, enjoy my throwback post of my original review and second thoughts about the book after my re-read.

Abbie’s first book I read was Because of Low in the same series as this one. I loved her writing, it’s easy to read, you can get stuck in quickly and the characters are somehow alive (in your fantasy land). I took my time picking this book up from my TBR, I was scared. I was scared that I will not be able to relate to the story. That I will not be able to get pass through my perception of Cage from the other books. Oh boy, I was so wrong. I love Cage, loved him from the beginning of the book to the end. To the next book… Ooops! Haha we’ll get to that on another post.

Nothing has changed. My first impression of the book lasts… it’s still the best story after Because of Low. <3

Here’s my original review of While It Lasts…

Cage York is the person you have to avoid at Sea Breeze if you do not want to be a beck-and-call. He was caught drink-driving and was issued with a DUI. In order for him not to lose everything – baseball, he has to agree to his coach’s condition. This involves working in a farm for the whole summer. Cage being Cage thought the idea sucks but he has no choice but to obey if he wants a future.

Eva Brooks heart-broken country girl and somehow could not find a way to move on. Her life turned upside down when she received the news that her fiancée died in Baghdad. Eighteen months had passed and she is still wearing her engagement ring. She could not take it off as it is the only reminder that she was loved by her one true love Josh Beasley.

When Cage arrived in Wilson Brooks’ farm he caught a glimpse of the lovely Eva. He suddenly thought to himself that this summer could not be bad after all. But Eva is off limits he knows that for sure because he saw her with Jeremy and he is the daughter of his boss for the summer.

Cage long for his comfortable bed in his apartment with a lovely lady to play with but that is impossible now as he is currently staying in a foul-smelling barn with a small bed in a bedroom only as big as a closet. There are no lovely ladies to entertain him either, only cows and hays. There’s only one thing he could not take out his mind, Eva, who he knows he has to stay so far away from.

Will he be able to stay away? Will she be able to resist Cage’s gorgeous muscular physique? Will Cage be the guy that Josh will approve for her? Will she ever get over her past? Will he treat her different from other women he’d been with? Was she just a summer fling for her? Will he ever be good enough for her?

I love this book so much, it hurts when I finished! Who would have thought that the play-boy Cage will fall in love? Well he will fall in love eventually and his love story is god-damn amazing. He was never described as a god in “Because of Low (Sea Breeze 2)” but in this book he is three times swoon worthy. Who would not fall head-over-heels in love with his perfect eyes, his perfect face, his perfect body and his sweet-attentiveness – oh so romantic.

Such a good book to read and was very well entertaining. I just didn’t like all their misunderstanding because of the lack of communication between them two. I would want to know what happened to Eva’s father, what was his reaction when she told him that she is moving in with Cage. And also Elaine Beasley’s reaction when she chose Cage, that would have been hilarious.

All in all, once again Ms Abbi Glines had shown us her brilliance and did not disappoint.

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